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Food Bloggin' with Chef Patrick Whittaker: Brunch with Barb

In which Things become Strange

   If you’re like me, your October has been spent re-watching the first season of Netflix's Stranger Things. On my second spin through the series, I’ve found myself with a long list of unanswered questions -- at the top of the list: What's going on with Barb?! Aside from the untimely demise of Harambe, few events in 2016 shook the internet more deeply than the loss of everyone’s favorite mom-jean-wearing, socially awkward teen. We're all for fan-theories here, so we're clinging to the glimmer of hope that she's alive somewhere in the eerie nether world of the “Upside Down”.

   This brunch recipe is sure to comfort you after a long night of binge watching season two, regardless of the fate of Nancy's beloved BFF. My rendition of the Dutch baby is comparable to a deep-dish crepe. The richness of ricotta adds a decadent creamy texture contrasted by the tart sweetness of macerated blackberries. Raise a glass, and spit out a black slug for the Patron Saint of Hawkins and dive into another dimension of flavor with this deceptively simple recipe for my blackberry and ricotta Dutch Baby.


Don’t forget to wait an hour before swimming after you eat your Dutch baby…or you might go missing. Photos by @kevinwtackett.

Don’t forget to wait an hour before swimming after you eat your Dutch baby…or you might go missing. Photos by @kevinwtackett.

Ricotta and Blackberry Dutch Baby


the Dutch baby

  • 12 Inch cast iron Dutch Oven or deep cast iron skillet
  • 6 Eggs
  • 1 & 1/3 Cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 Cup whole milk
  • 1/3 Cup Ricotta
  • 1 Tb lemon zest
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 2 Tb unsalted butter

the Blackberries

  • 1 cup Blackberries
  • 3 oz Upside Down Tart Wheat Ale
  • 1 Tb Sugar
  • 1 tsp Lemon zest

the garnish

  • Lemon
  • Powdered sugar

Making the Dutch Baby

  • Preheat your oven to 350°. Place a cast iron Dutch Oven into your oven. Allow the cast iron to preheat for approximately 30 minutes.

  • In a blender combine eggs, Ricotta, salt, and milk. Blend on medium high for approximately 30 seconds.

  • Add flour and lemon zest to the blender. Blend thoroughly for approximately 30 seconds. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the sides of the blender. Blend for an additional 30 seconds.

  • Carefully remove preheated cast iron skillet from the oven and place on your stove. Add 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter. Use a wooden spoon to spread the butter across the base of the hot skillet until melted.

  • Pour batter into the base of your pan.

  • Place the pan into your oven and bake for approximately 40 minutes -- until golden brown and crisp.

PRO TIP:  At this stage I like to turn the broiler on and crisp up the top just before serving!

Making the Garnish

  • In a mixing bowl, add blackberries, sugar, lemon zest, and 3 oz of Upside Down or a comparable tart/effervescent fruited ale if you missed the online can sale. (Samuel Smith Raspberry or Lindeman’s Framboise are excellent substitutes  -- or even Champagne if you’re extra AF.) Allow the flavors to marry for approximately 30 minutes in the fridge prior to garnishing.

  • Cut your Dutch baby into quarters and finish with a squeeze of lemon, a spoonful of macerated blackberries, and a generous dusting of powdered sugar.

Photos by @kevinwtackett.

Photos by @kevinwtackett.

   Turn up your brunch to eleven and pair this recipe with a pour of The Upside Down, our Tart Wheat Ale brewed with blackberries and vanilla and enjoy the subsequent psychokinetic nose bleed!

Eat well, drink craft.

Pat Whittaker

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