Brandon Buckner

Founder + Brand Manager

Brandon Buckner demonstrated his passion for customer service at an early age when he opened his own retail shop just out of high school. More recently, he worked for 24 Hour Fitness as a Master Trainer, where he managed all parts of the customer experience. From Bottle Logic's beginning, Brandon has been responsible for the outward look and feel of the Bottle Logic brand. An avid chef, Brandon enjoys exploring different flavor combinations between food and beer.


Wes Parker

Founder + Brewmaster

Wes Parker is the founder and brewmaster of Bottle Logic Brewing. Since college, Wes has founded various internet companies over the last 10 years ranging from viral media sites to community social news and entertainment sites. It was the act of building new ideas and seeing them rise from nothing to something that really drove him. This creative drive translated over to home brewing over the past five years. He slowly built up from his bucket fermenter to multiple glycol controlled fermenters that easily rivaled most nano breweries. Home brewing became an obsession and eventually led to the formation of Bottle Logic Brewing.


Steve Napolitano

Founder + President

Steve Napolitano originally wanted to be a scientist, but ended up running his own tutoring business and earning a law degree from Chapman University. After years of working in the finance, legal, and manufacturing industries, Steve is very excited to finally get to wear a lab coat and brewing boots to work. A homebrewer since 2006, he has been a passionate supporter of craft beer for well over a decade. As brewery president, Steve is responsible for all of the non-brewing activities at Bottle Logic, but he looks forward to pitching in and helping to brew on a regular basis.