We're taking the adventure outside this year and utilizing the 9,000SQ FT parking lots across the back of all four of our warehouses!

Grab your pith helmet and make sure to register a Field Journal [3,500 created, available only while supplies last] where you'll collect a unique daily stamp by purchasing any beer to earn cumulative "artifact" prizes:

• Collect three stamps to earn this year's themed bottle opener!
• Collect five stamps and earn this year's themed glassware!
• Collect all seven stamps for this year's new surprise and to earn official admission into the Academy of Exploration, which guarantees bonus bottle access to all Level I & Level II Stasis Project Releases in 2018! 

**These prizes will not be available for sale during Week of Logic, but any remainders may sold after the festivities conclude. **


Some important structural changes this year:

• In accordance with Anaheim's newly imposed event restrictions, we will be serving from 11:00am - 10:00pm each day of the event, with a 9:30pm last call.

• There are 3,500 Field Journals that will be made available in a first-come, first served manner. We're finishing the book this week, taking it to print, and hope to make them available for registration and activation in the Tasting Room a few days before the event begins. Keep a close eye on our Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Parking Tips

Brewery X (Coming soon!) is lending us their 100+ space parking lot for the week as an overflow parking option. It's a quick two-two block walk from the event grounds, pictured below:



Here's a rough area map with green areas that are OK for street parking, and red for TICKET or TOW-AWAY hazard street parking:

street parking.jpeg

and a few reminders:

NO MINORS: Due to special event permitting restrictions, minors cannot attend Week of Logic in any capacity. We're sorry for the inconvenience; once the special event ends, kids of all ages will be welcome in the Tasting Room once again.

VALID GOVERNMENT-ISSUED ID IS REQUIRED TO GAIN ENTRY. We will not accept hole-punched or damaged identification or DMV papers UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This has been and will continue to be our identification policy standard.

FIELD JOURNAL ACTIVATION: Your information must be registered in the Field Journal and verified by our staff to be marked as "activated." Field Journals must receive "activation" stamp to move onward and collect any other stamps. 

FIELD JOURNAL STAMP/ID MATCH: Information registered in your Field Journal will be verified against your VALID, government issued ID at point of beer purchase. You'll collect your unique daily stamp in this manner each day!



Food Truck Schedule:

We're delighted to partner with some of Orange County's best food trucks throughout our anniversary week. Be sure to check in with the trucks for specialty dishes created to pair perfectly with the special beer releases each day! The following Food Truck Schedule is subject to change:


SUNDAY 3/18                 Monday 3/19               Tuesday 3/20              WEDNESDAY 3/21:

• The Cut                                                  • The Coconut Truck                               • Brewwings                                              • Poke Hut
• The Hungry Royal                              • Phenomnom                                           • Tres Compas                                          • Falasophy
• Sweet Life                                             • The Viking Truck                                    • Rolling Sushi                                          • Burning Buns

THURSDAY 3/22:           FRIDAY 3/23:                 SATURDAY 3/24:

• Mad Dumplings                                 • Burning Buns                                         • The Cut
• The Hungry Royal                             • Brewwings                                              • Hobo Co. Pizza
• Hobo Co. Pizza                                   • Tres Compas                                          • Fiesta Gourmet



Beer Stations

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.53.21 AM.png

Stasis Project Station

Explore a combination of sneak peeks, archived favorites, and new treatments on your favorite established Stasis Project brands! We'll open on Sunday, 3/18 with pours of our fourth anniversary beer Roll For Initiative, and Jam the Radar 2018. 

On Sunday and Saturday we'll tap kegs at opening and pour until they're gone. On weekdays we'll tap a portion of the kegs at  opening and save a portion to tap at 4:00pm.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.53.33 AM.png

Constants Station

"Constants" beers are classified as our core rotational offerings. We expect to pour fifteen of our most tried-and-true brands throughout the duration of the week, including seven different Berlinear Equation fruit treatments and the long-awaited return of favorites like German Chocolate Cake, Ocularity, and one of our opening day beers, Double Actuator! 

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.54.01 AM.png

Excavation Outpost Station 

Uncover the mysteries of the barrel with early-blend pours of the coming year's brand new barrel-aged projects! Explore barrel-aged beer from a wide spectrum of styles, a full map of collaborators, and varying degrees of completion in their unique journeys.

Use Untappd to check into these early finds and let us know what you think! Check into a new, unique Excavation Outpost offering each day this week to earn our Week of Logic 2018 badge!

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.53.43 AM.png

Variants Station

"Variant" beers give our brew team the opportunity to flex new ideas on the base of big-batch brews. We use these baby-brite tank or in-keg small batch treatments as a springboard for new flavor combinations as we consider our next adventure. Don't miss the return of Melonballer, POG Juice, Oculango, or The David Bowie -- and be sure to try all five of the team's brand new Variants!