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The Science of Comic Books: Fact-Checking with Marvel + JPL

As part of the month-long #CityOfSTEM Science Festival, Columbia Memorial Space Center joins Bottle Logic to host a night of fact-checking the science behind your favorite comic-book heroes! 

Join us at Bottle Logic Brewing to listen as Gerry Dugan -- a Marvel comic-book writer whose titles include The Avengers, Deadpool, Chewbacca, and Marvel's new Guardians of the Galaxy -- as he fact checks the comic's storylines, gadgets, space travel, and very fabric of the comic-cosmos with JPL doctors and scientists! 

Check out the striking merits of this remarkable panel: 

Dr. Serina Diniega - Mathematical planetary geomorphologist at JPL. She figures out why landforms (such as sand dunes, lava flows, and gullies) look the way they do on different planets, especially Mars and Earth. She spends most of her time at JPL working on the development of future of Mars exploration and the upcoming Europa Clipper mission. She also has worked extensively with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Dr. Fred Calef - Planetary geologist and mapping specialist at JPL. He works for the Curiosity Rover science team as the 'Keeper of the Maps' and for the Opportunity rover as an engineering camera uplink lead (i.e. takes pictures of Mars' surface). When not working on the rovers, he helps find safe landing sites on Mars for future missions like InSight and Mars2020.

Dr. Rob Zellem - Exoplanet hunter/researcher! Rob works up at JPL and helps find planets orbiting other stars.

Dr. Matt Wierman - Rocket Scientist! Matt is a ‎Propulsion Design & Analysis Engineer for Virgin Orbit (formerly Virgin Galactic). He is working on first stage engine components for LauncherOne, an air-dropped rocket designed to carry small satellites to orbit at a fraction of the present cost.


Join us for an evening of science at its best! Be sure to come early to secure a spot, enjoy a beer or three with food from Burning Buns, and relax as you listen and learn! Admission is free!

Earlier Event: April 25
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Later Event: April 26
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